Child Emotional Assessment – Sand Play Assessment

Child Emotional Assessment – Sand Play Assessment

Assessments for child therapy provide information on what issues the child is struggling with and how best to focus on those areas.

The simplest and most child-friendly assessment that I like to use is the sandplay method of assessment which involves asking the child to construct “My World” in the sandtray using a wide variety of miniature toys.

This is a nonverbal form of assessment and cuts across language and cultural barriers, providing the child with the means of communicating about his or her inner and outer experiences of their world and offers information on how the child is dealing with issues which can be expressed in a safe, contained and non-threatening way.

The child is asked to talk about the world they created and encouraged to talk about the different elements of their creation. The child gives a title to the scene and I invite them to take me on a tour of their world.

We explore emotions and the child encouraged to talk about what the different people/animals are doing and thinking and what outcomes are expected. A photograph is also taken of the child and their world.

In this way I can find a way of understanding how the child is interpreting their world and the way in which they are reacting to the events they experience and the emotions that are evoked.

This provides a starting point for therapy, which usually incorporates further sandplay.

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