Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

In psychoanalytic psychotherapy there is less emphasis on advising people on how to better manage their lives and relationships, but instead there is a greater emphasis on seeking understanding for why people do what they do and experience the negative feelings that sometimes go with poorly adapted behaviour.

This is a flexible and non-prescriptive approach and by working with a client’s distressing life situations and exploring and understanding the client’s early history there is insight into where they became stuck in their psychological development.

This enables the client to make decisions and choices which weren’t possible before.

This is an empowering experience when the client comes to realise that there are reasons for their behaviour and emotions, and knowing the reason, they are better able to deal with their issues.

Many of life’s problems centre on difficulties with interpersonal relationships.  These can create feelings of emptiness, despair, anxiety or depression and also addictive behaviour or even suicidal thoughts.

There is a sense of not knowing who I really am, and I feel hopeless and out of control of my life.

Psychoanalytic psychotherapy enables clients to gain a deeper understanding of who they are, and how early interaction patterns with significant people are often unconsciously repeated in the present.

Once a client is able to understand how past relationships unconsciously affect the way they view themselves and others, there is growth and change and their lives are enriched as they live more fully and effectively.

There is renewed hope that there will be improved relationships with the self and others, deeper self-knowledge and insight, all of which aims to bring about behavioural change and symptom relief and to create meaning when life previously seemed barren and empty.

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